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It’s a dog’s life

Dwitiya Sapre, a volunteer at WSD

Amidst the muddle of Mumbai roads, you may sometimes find yourself tripping over a furry black or white or brown blob (or two), sunning themselves squarely in the centre of the footpath. These somnolent stray animals, contrary to popular perception, are neither harbingers of some fell disease nor bent on biting a tempting calf. Most co-exist rather peacefully with the surrounding chaos of the streets and a lucky few can even count on the love of their human friends.

Lending a hand
For Ketan Pathak, it all started when he saw a shop owner sitting in her shop and feeding a dog, who sat outside her window, catching biscuits as she threw them. Today, not only does the Girgaum resident feed and look after the stray dogs and cats in his area, but he has also become the de facto guy for any animal health problem. “Now the people in my area come to me for medical help for animals although I am not an expert,” he laughs. “The logic is very simple. We eat four-five times a day; so I must help those that do not get any food at all,” he adds.

Shenaz Mistry, ..

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